My buddy CJ and I are just getting started. Here is the bike minus the seat and tank.
Diggin into the engine now. Hey there is the piston! The old pistons had lots of carbon buildup on them. I ended up spraying the old heads black to match the new black cylinders.
Pretty scary to look at. Had this bike pretty tore down, though in the end we managed to piece it all together and had no bolts are screws left over. Not bad for a couple of first timers.
Almost back together, but there is still is a lot to do. The engine looks nice with the black accented with the chrome don't you think?
All the work is finally done. Here she is all cleaned up.
So either I will leave it alone, or the next step will be the Thunderhead upgrade using the Buell heads and 1200 pistons. I also plan to add an oil cooler and eventually relocate the blinkers with one of the bullet style kits.
Comments? Questions? What do you think??